Accelerated Marketing Partners specializes in conducting real estate auctions that attract extensive buyer participation and increase the net present value of residential projects. We achieve those results by aggressively marketing each property, identifying and qualifying potential buyers in advance, and creating a dynamic and competitive bidding environment.

Real estate auction activity has grown dramatically in the past few years, and often is the fastest, most efficient way to connect buyers and sellers. Listings of property for auction usually are on the market fewer than 30 days, with transactions closed a few days later. Our experienced, hands-on staff is able to condense the time required to organize and widely promote auction events, as well as effectively supervise and support fast, seamless transactions from contract to closing.

Accelerated Marketing Partners conducts live, on-site auctions for all types of residential real estate, including new home developments and new and existing multi-family properties. We understand the importance of timely solutions to turn non-earning assets into cash.

Accelerated Marketing Partners have developed proprietary administrative tools that monitor all media and sales activity in real-time, so that necessary adjustments can be made quickly.

Through established partnerships with leading financial institutions and title companies, we are able to provide turnkey transaction services to buyers, from pre-approval through closing.

Click on the following links below to view our current auctions in progress:

Tribute Lofts, Atlanta, GA

City Walk, San Leandro, CA

Cummings Park, Palo Alto, CA